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Trenchless Plumbing for a Safe Sewer Repair in Santa Barbara

Are your sewer lines getting defective? Experiencing sewage back flows with your toilet, garbage disposal or sink? My Plumbing Experts staff can help you replace your damaged sewer pipes without excavating your area. The game changing “Trenchless Plumbing” method is the best solution to fix your broken sewer pipelines in Santa Barbara.

What is Trenchless Plumbing?

The constant progression of plumbing technology changes the plumbing industry and the procedures of repairing and replacing sewer and water lines. My Plumbing Expert gives you a quick,efficient, and replacing alternative sewers and water line trenching methods. With Trenchless Plumbing Services of My plumbing Experts, it doesn’t need an above the ground digging and the trenchless plumbing process makes your driveways, sidewalks and landscapes untouched and in perfect state.

Applying the Trenchless Technology can keep your Santa Barbara yard secure and still repair or replace your sewer or drain line with” trenchless sewer repair”.

What are the benefits of Trenchless Plumbing?

When we are dealing with sewer problems, it is very important to repair them as quickly  as soon as possible. The longer the delay will take the worse they get. Our team of Trenchless Plumbing experts will make the repair quick, effective, and easy. And we make sure that we are contributing sustainable solutions to your sewer and water piper problems. Below are the benefits of Trenchless Plumbing:

*Major digging to get the sewer will not happen

*No additional payment to fix your lawn

*Polyethylene pipes are used as replacement for protection from tree roots.

How do you implement Trenchless Plumbing ?

Whether bursting techniques or cured-in-place pipe is used, both are efficient for trenchless plumbing work. Before the trenchless plumbing begins, the existing sewer line must be assessed using a state of the art camera which will navigate the sewer pipe.

Once it is analyzed, a replacement pipe attached with a splitting head will go through the damaged pipe. While this is happening, a one-piece polyethylene replacement pipe is pulled out from the old pipe as it extends also. Polyethylene non-jointed pipe can prevent tree roots from damaging the pipe which serves a long term pipe replacement.

As a final step with our Trenchless Plumbing Services, another camera inspection is done through the pipes to check if the repair and replacement is done properly.

What are limitations of Trenchless Plumbing?

Trenchless Plumbing method is very beneficial since they can save time, and money to our clients. However, Trenchless Plumbing is not feasible in all cases. Below are instances where Trenchless Plumbing is applicable:

  • Leaky Pipes
  • Pipe Corrosion
  • Sewer pipes buried under homes, commercial properties and expensive areas
  • Slightly Misaligned Pipes
  • Tree Root invaded pipes
  • Vertical Stacks in Buildings
  • Pipes that is linked to homes to Santa Barbara main septic tank

If the Trenchless Plumbing method doesn’t fit, we will use the Traditional Sewer Replacement Method.

Traditional Sewer Replacement Method

What are the causes to damaged Sewer Lines?

Although your sewer lines are buried underground it is still vulnerable to destruction and damage. Don’t worry if this happens we can help you fix it with our Trenchless Plumbing services. Here are the reasons:

Tree Roots

This is the first reason why the sewer line gets damaged. Since the growth of the tree roots can’t be controlled it causes rupture and gets through the walls. Call our Trenchless Plumbing experts to help you solve this problem. 

Sediment Formations

Minerals and debris are getting stuck or left behind in your pipe lines over the years. They may grow and cause blockages in the waterflow. This could result in the destruction of your sewer pipe lines.


Most sewer lines installed in each household of Santa Barbara are made of metal which is expected to develop rusts over time. Corroded sewer pipes may rupture or crack.

High Pressure

If your home’s water system is set into high pressure it may exhaust  the inner pipe walls of the sewer line which will later on destroy it. There may be waterflow above the ground and floods that will occur . We can handle the sewer repair for you with our Trenchless Plumbing.

Land Repositioning

When the ground repositions itself it may bend, detach or break-off a sewer line. This may be caused by earthquakes or other natural disasters. During this emergency, don’t hesitate to inform us we can do our Trenchless Plumbing Services for this.

Call us for Trenchless Plumbing needs

If you are looking for a reliable trenchless plumbing experts in Santa Barbara we are always just a phone call away! With Trenchless Plumbing, we aim to give our clients a money and time saving sustainable solution to every sewer line problems.We are available 24/7 to handle emergency plumbing services and to help you with our Trenchless Plumbing Service. Call us Now!



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I will never use another plumber! The guys at My Plumbing Expert really helped us out in a bind and they were kind, patient, thorough and fair. They go above and beyond to offer great service as well as great recommendations. I have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong at our new home, we are in great hands with the team at My Plumbing Expert

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We have used My Plumbing Expert for both large and small projects and emergencies including installing a gas line for an outdoor fire pit area, to fixing pipes that had burst and sinks that were always clogged. They are honest, fair, reliable and excellent at solving the most difficult plumbing issues. We are so happy we found a master plumber we can trust with our home!

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We had a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet replaced at the same time. Great service. It was quick and polite experience. Price was exactly what the plumber quoted and seemed reasonable.  I would use these guys again for sure. Thank you everyone at the My Plumbing Expert team. 

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