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#1 Expert Toilet Installation To Put Your Mind At Ease

Nobody likes dealing with toilet problems, even dealing with a toilet installation. When it comes to toilet installation and repairs  where do you even begin? A broken toilet makes the entire bathroom basically useless and getting through the morning with the kids and no working toilet can be a nightmare.

It could be a simple fix, like replacing a flush handle and chain or tightening a bolt that’s loose. We may need a full toilet replacement or adding plumbing and a toilet installation to your home adon. Whatever the case, we can provide the best solution for you.

Toilet Installation Experts

Sometimes you just need to replace your toilet. Or you might be renovating or upgrading the bathroom. When it’s time to that new toilet installation, call My Plumbing Expert and get your old toilet removed and your new toilet installation in no time flat. We also handle 24/7 emergency plumbing 

We do TOILET INSTALLATIONS at My Plumbing Expert!

We thoroughly check all parts including: 

  • The Flapper
  • Flush Valve
  • Tank Ball
  • Seat Disc
  • Chain

Toilet Installation Cost

Toilet Installation is a very simple thing. If the waste pipe is in the right condition, the toilet installation will just be setting a new wax around the pipe, placing the toilet, locking it down, and connecting the supply hoses. It will consume for 1 to 2 hours on average, and costs for about 45 USD to 65 USD per hour. Please take note that the cost does not include supply lines or valves and sometimes the old ones will be replaced.

If the replacement of waste pipes or other issues is necessary, the toilet  installation will take a longer time and will cost more.

Toilet Moving Cost

Moving a toilet costs 3000 USD, with homeowners spending between 2500 and 35oo USD. The cost of Plumber expert is often a major factor when revising a bathroom floor plan, as he or she might need to transfer the drain and vent lines.

Toilet Removal Cost

If you want to remove an old toilet for a new one, it is advisable to hire a plumbing expert. The Labor cost would depend on the distance from the company and the type of toilet to be installed. Usually our professional plumbers would charge with an average of 30 USD to 60 USD to remove a toilet. We will require an extra charge if it requires an extra labor.

When should you consider Toilet Installation, Repair & Replacement

Toilet Installation

Your toilet suffers wear and tear as it gets older. There are some minor cracks and leaks that can still be repaired and the worst case scenario will be replacement.

Call My Plumbing Experts for toilet installation, repair and replacement in Santa Barbara if the situations below happens to you:

  • Frequent clogs
  • Major Cracks can be seen with your bowl or tank
  • There are leaks from the bowl or tank
  • Sudden increase of water bills
  • The toilet is not fully attached to the floor
  • If you seek an upgrade

We’ve got you covered!

At My Plumbing Expert, we take care of these common problems for you and make it painless.

Call us for Toilet Installation, Repair & Replacement Needs

If you need a toilet installation, repair and replacement, call the certified toilet installation plumbers at My Plumbing Expert today! We offer a variety of plumbing services to make your toilets reliable whenever you need them.



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Happy Customers

I will never use another plumber! The guys at My Plumbing Expert really helped us out in a bind and they were kind, patient, thorough and fair. They go above and beyond to offer great service as well as great recommendations. I have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong at our new home, we are in great hands with the team at My Plumbing Expert

Jamie Flynt

We have used My Plumbing Expert for both large and small projects and emergencies including installing a gas line for an outdoor fire pit area, to fixing pipes that had burst and sinks that were always clogged. They are honest, fair, reliable and excellent at solving the most difficult plumbing issues. We are so happy we found a master plumber we can trust with our home!

Rob Whittle

We had a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet replaced at the same time. Great service. It was quick and polite experience. Price was exactly what the plumber quoted and seemed reasonable.  I would use these guys again for sure. Thank you everyone at the My Plumbing Expert team. 

Mike Estrada

Since ’94

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