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Secure your Home with our 5 Star Rated Leak Detection Services

If you notice a sudden increase with your water bills or detecting visual wet spot areas somewhere in your house, there is a big chance that your lines are leaking. At My Plumbing Expert, we use avant-garde leak detection tools to know the cause of your problems. Reduce those troublesome water bills and protect your property from the damage of the water leaks by contracting or highly skilled professionals who are experts in leak detection.

Why Choose My Plumbing Expert for your Leak Detection

My Plumbing Experts of Santa Barbara is your go to source highly trusted leak detection services.

*Affordable Rates of Leak Detection Services

*Customer satisfaction is our commitment in doing Leak Detection Services

*Fast & Quality service Leak Detection

*Advice from our Leak Detection Experts

*Our Leak Detection Service Plumbers are always Punctual

*Highly Trained and skilled professionals of Leak Detection

Signs that you need a Leak Detection Service Right Now

Luckily, for those of individuals who is willing to wait until an emergency to get things taken care of, there are several telltale signs that there is a leak in your pipes to warn you before things is getting out of control

You need a Leak Detection Service if you experience the following:

Dripping Noises: If you hear dripping noises within your household call us immediately to help you before your bills get high.

Puddles/ Rust: If you start to notice rust or puddles in your drains, toilets, tubs, sinks or shower schedule a leak detection.

High Water Bills: If this happens to you suddenly have your plumbing system be assessed with leak detection

Moldy Smells: Places like bathrooms usually smell dank and if your home starts to be smelling foul, contact us for leak detection to make sure if there are leaks.

How My Plumbing Experts does its Leak Detection Services

Leak detection is a collaboration of experience and modern equipment. My Plumbing Expert staff are fully trained, capable and 24/7 ready to handle the challenge and detect your leak with utmost precision and accuracy.

To start, we will locate the water leak using a state of the art tools and equipment. Then, we assign our expert plumber to fix the leak and give them the best long term solution for the problem.

Our water reduction and restoration partners are always ready to prevent major damage and contact your insurance company so that you will not pay anymore. We will be giving you a detailed account report and if necessary will help you file a claim.

Once the claim is approved, the cost of the leak will be fully refunded by your insurance company.

Secure your Home & Call us now!

Securing your home from future or present leaks is our expertise. Whether it is a minor or major leak, we have the right high quality technology and training for leak detection. Don’t hesitate to call the experts, we are available 24/7. Contact our team at  My Plumbing Experts Today



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Happy Customers

I will never use another plumber! The guys at My Plumbing Expert really helped us out in a bind and they were kind, patient, thorough and fair. They go above and beyond to offer great service as well as great recommendations. I have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong at our new home, we are in great hands with the team at My Plumbing Expert

Jamie Flynt

We have used My Plumbing Expert for both large and small projects and emergencies including installing a gas line for an outdoor fire pit area, to fixing pipes that had burst and sinks that were always clogged. They are honest, fair, reliable and excellent at solving the most difficult plumbing issues. We are so happy we found a master plumber we can trust with our home!

Rob Whittle

We had a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet replaced at the same time. Great service. It was quick and polite experience. Price was exactly what the plumber quoted and seemed reasonable.  I would use these guys again for sure. Thank you everyone at the My Plumbing Expert team. 

Mike Estrada

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