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Best Boiler Repair in Santa Barbara set to bring warmth in your area

Are your Boilers giving you headaches recently? Call us, My Plumbing Expert for Boiler Repairs. Our experts are well trained and equipped with all boiler systems. We are a certified and licensed service provider for all major boiler and hot water tank manufacturers.

Why Choose our Boiler Repair Experts for your Boiler Repair

Fast Service. We take pride in solving conventional and emergency boiler repairs quickly.

Efficient. Our team of Boiler Repair Experts are highly trained and experienced. We can assure you that the plumbing expert providing boiler repair in your Santa Barbara household knows exactly how to solve your issues.

Reliable. At My Plumbing Expert, we conduct a thorough assessment with your issue before we do the Boiler repair procedure. This makes our quality of work reliable and saves you time and expense of doing repeat calls.

Low Cost. Our Boiler Repair Plumbers work fast and productively to avoid high labor costs. Because we aim to make our Boiler Repair in Santa Barbara stay affordable. We are even qualified to provide factory-authorized warranty Boiler Repairs for top brands to help our clients save money.

Honest. If your boilers are really old, a big boiler repair in Santa Barbara may not be cost-effective. You can trust our Boiler Repair staff to give you honest informations about your plumbings and at the right cost.

Check your Boilers, they may need a Boiler Repair

Without routine check-ups and maintenance, it is not impossible that boilers could develop defects and problems. These leaks could appear after the minerals from the boiled waters leave behind and bring a higher pressure and would need a Boiler Repair.

These are examples of common boiler defects:

  • Low water Levels
  • Breakdown of the pilot light
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat
  • Pipe Leaks
  • Boiler Leaks
  • Failing Pump
  • Strange Noises when the Boiler Starts up

A boiler that is in good condition produces a clear blue flame. If the fire turns orange or yellow it is the time to call us My Plumber Expert for Boiler Repairs.

Depending on the type of defects or problems your boilers have, high quality service is our top priority. We assure you a quick, reliable, affordable, and effective quality of work in all our clients.

Boiler Failures? We’ve got you covered. Call us now!

My Plumber Experts aim to make our clients feel warm and comfortable even through the coldest weather. Don’t let Boiler Failures be a nuisance in your property or in your home. Call us today and worry no more! for boiler repair and maintenance, sewer line repair, water heater installation and repair, and even for other leak detection services you can count on with My Plumber Experts.



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Toilets & Faucets

Toilet installation and repair services

Faucet installation and leak repair services.

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Hot Water HEaters

Hot Water Heater Repair

Hot water heater replacement services.

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Drain Cleaning

Clear clogged drains 

From Snake & Drain to troubleshooting

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Gas Piping

We replace hold plumbing

And we’re pros at laying pipe.

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Sewer REpair

and Plumbing Leak Detection

Leak Detection and Fixing Experts.

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Bathroom & New Addition Remodels

Adding a new bathroom to the home we’ve got you covered.


Happy Customers

I will never use another plumber! The guys at My Plumbing Expert really helped us out in a bind and they were kind, patient, thorough and fair. They go above and beyond to offer great service as well as great recommendations. I have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong at our new home, we are in great hands with the team at My Plumbing Expert

Jamie Flynt

We have used My Plumbing Expert for both large and small projects and emergencies including installing a gas line for an outdoor fire pit area, to fixing pipes that had burst and sinks that were always clogged. They are honest, fair, reliable and excellent at solving the most difficult plumbing issues. We are so happy we found a master plumber we can trust with our home!

Rob Whittle

We had a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet replaced at the same time. Great service. It was quick and polite experience. Price was exactly what the plumber quoted and seemed reasonable.  I would use these guys again for sure. Thank you everyone at the My Plumbing Expert team. 

Mike Estrada

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